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Professional Training
VA Students Get up to 60% of your flight training paid for by using your VA benefits. What it the process? 1.    Fill    out    an   Application    for    VA    Educational    Benefits    and    submit.    Go    to   and   type   in   the   form   number:   22-1990   and   title: Application   for   VA   Education   Benefits.   Once   your   search   is   completed,   click on 22-1990 and fill out the form. 2. The form must be printed and taken to the Education Office and signed. 3. Once signed mail off to the VA. Muskogee Regional Office 125 South Main Street Muskogee, OK 74402 4.   You   will   receive   a   letter   stating   your   eligibility   (appx.   30   days).   Bring   a   copy of   that   letter   to   the   flight   school   and   the   school   official   will   finish   the   certifying process. Tips •Once   enrolled,   the   student   must   fly   a   minimum   of   6   hours/mo.   or   18   hours/3 mo. to maintain active student status. •Students   must   sign   a   VA-Form   22-6553c   at   the   beginning   of   each   month   in order   to   receive   VA   payments.   Once   signed   the   VA   has   up   to   10   weeks   to process your form. •Class 2 medical is required for all VA subsidized certificates and ratings Contact us for more information.
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