The private pilot certificate is the first step for those with no helicopter experience. As a licensed private pilot, you can fly for personal use and carry passengers. It may be your final goal or just the beginning of the journey to becoming a professional pilot. Either way, it is here where the foundation of your technique, knowledge and judgment is formed. Minimum hours to receive the license is 40 flight  hours. R-22 Flight Hours                                           Ground School Hours With Instructor: 20 Hours                              Classroom: 35 Hours Solo: 20 Hours                                              Home Study: 35 Hours Total: 40 Hours                                                           Total: 70 Hours           Total - $10,550.00  
Private Pilot Program
Holding a commercial pilots license allows you to use your new skills to earn money. As a commercial pilot you will be directly responsible for transporting passengers and property in a variety of tasks . Minimum time required is 150 hours. R-22 Flight Hours                                     Ground School Hours With Instructor: 50 Hours                            Classroom: 55 Hours Solo: 100 Hours                                          Home Study: 95 Hours Total: 150 Hours                                                     Total: 150 Hours         Total - $29,500.00
Total $10,550.00
Total $29,500.00
Commercial Pilot Program
Instrument Pilot Program
Simply stated, learning to fly by reference to instruments will make you a better pilot. Although the Robinson helicopter is not certified to fly in instrument meteorological conditions (IMC), the skills you learn during your training can be applied to everyday flying and in the helicopters you may fly later in your career. Many employers require an instrument rating because instrument pilots are safer pilots. Private pilots who are working towards their commercial certificate are encouraged to take this course concurrently because it will save both time and money. You must possess either a private or commercial helicopter pilot certificate, meet the SFAR 73 requirements, and be endorsed to act as pilot in command of the Robinson R22 to enroll in the Instrument course. 40 hours of dual instruction are required for the initial instrument rating. If you have an airplane instrument rating, the add-on helicopter instrument rating requires a minimum of 15 hours of dual instruction. R-22*Flight Hours     With Instructor   30 Hrs.   10 Hrs. Simulator Training                       60 Hrs.Ground School Class      TOTAL     $9,690.00 
Total $9,690.00
Add-On Commercial Pilot Program
For  fixed wing pilots that already have their Commercial/Instrument Rating R-22 Flight Hours                                    Ground School Hours With Instructor: 20 Hours                        Classroom: 25 Hours Solo: 35 Hours                                         Home Study: 30 Hours Total: 55 Hours                                                      Total: 55 Hours         Total - $13,875.00
Flight Instructor Program
So you've earned your commercial pilot certificate and now you want to fly helicopters for a living. But all the "pilot wanted" ads require thousands of hours of helicopter experience. How do you build those hours? Unless you are independently wealthy, the only way to build those hours is to become a certified flight instructor (CFI). Now you'll get paid while teaching others how to fly. And you get to put those instructing hours in your own logbook. Teaching will make you a much better pilot, and you will have a tremendous and lasting impact on your students. Pilots who are working towards their commercial certificate are encouraged to take this course concurrently because it will save both time and money. Dual Only: 15 Hours Ground School: 20 Hours  Total - $3,850.00
Total $3,850.00
Total $64,075.00
Professional Pilot Program
This program contains all books and materials to receive  following ratings: Private ,Commercial, Instrument, CFI, Instrument Instructor,Long Line TOTAL     $64,075.00
External Load Program
Total $9,900.00
We offers this comprehensive External Load Course for pilots aspiring to further their skills and career opportunities. The course focuses on developing fundamental skills for real time operations, and is drawing both major helicopter companies and private pilots to attend. Proven results have garnered the Academy's reputation throughout the helicopter community as it continues to grow in size and stature. 15 R-44 Flight Hours with instructor 40 Hr Ground school TOTAL   $9900.00
Total $13,875.00
Book a Discovery Flight today for just $220 which includes one-on-one instruction as you take part in a ground school lesson before heading out to the flight line with your instructor to seize the controls of a Robinson R22.  Discovery Flight
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