We   use   only   the   newest   Robinson   R22   Beta   II      in   our   helicopter   private,   commercial,   instrument,   and   flight   instructor courses.   Powered   by   a   Lycoming   180   hp   engine,   the   2   place   R22   Beta   II   has   a   maximum   cruise   speed   of   110   mph, a climb rate of 1000 fpm, and a range of over 300 miles. The   R22’s   high   performance   and   reliability,   combined   with   efficiency,   simple   maintenance,   has   made   it   the   number one   choice   in   helicopter   flight   training.      It   is   often   said,   “If   you   can   fly   an   R22   you   can   fly   any   helicopter”,   and   that’s   a fact. There is no better value in helicopter training than the Robinson R22 Beta II.                         Capacity; 1 pilot, 1 passengers   Airspeed: 110 mph Range: 300 Miles
The   Raven   R44's      distinctive   aerodynamic   design   allows   a   high   cruise   speed   up to         130 mph and and average fuel consumption of only 12 to 16 gallons per hour. The dependable Lycoming O-540 engine is derated from 260 to 225 HP (225 HP take-off) for long life and unmatched reliability. The cabin offers comfortable "two plus two" seating with removable dual controls and no bulkhead or post between the front and rear seats, assuring exceptional visibility and panoramic views for all passengers.                         Capacity; 1 pilot, 3 passengers   Airspeed: 130 mph Range: 350 Miles
American Helicopter World  offers  state of the art  simulator training to augment  your training program. 
Book a Discovery Flight today for just $220 which includes one-on-one instruction as you take part in a ground school lesson before heading out to the flight line with your instructor to seize the controls of a Robinson R22.  Discovery Flight
We offer fixed wing training in a Cessna 172 four seat trainer at a cost of $125.00 per hour plus instructor to supplement your flight hours towards a commercial rating or add a fixed wing  private, commercial or flight instructor rating to your resume to make yourself more marketable.                         Capacity; 1 pilot, 3 passengers   Airspeed: 130 mph Range: 350 Miles
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