Your   limousine   to   the   sky   awaits   you,   your   family and    friends    to    enjoy    the    majestic    power    and beauty   of   the   Central   Valley,   and   a   spectacular flight     over     Millerton     Lake     .     The     adventure continues up the San Joaquin River .
Take   the   most   breathtaking   tour   over   the      Sierras Through   out   your   flight   you   will   never   lose   sight   of the     mighty     Sierra     Mountains.     You     will     be mesmerized   as   you   observe   waterfalls   that   only can   be   reached   by   helicopter.   once   on   scene   the helicopter   lands   and   take   a   refreshing   dip   beneath that same waterfall.
Fresno by Night
Foothill Express
Custom Tours
Helicopters can accommodate more than two passengers, sometimes we will place more passengers on your flight. If you would like to make your flight private, and exclusive to you and your significant other you can select to make that flight private.
Helicopter Tours
Discover the world                        from above 
Heli Adventure 
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A   scenic   flight   around   Fresno   at   500   feet   and   slow enough   to   observe   the   lights   and   details   of   our beautiful   city. The   flight   will   depart   from   the   Fresno Chandler   executive   terminal. After   takeoff   the   pilot will    turn    East        and    within    minutes    you    will    be experiencing   The   most   unique   view   of   the   Fresno Skyline.   Whether   you   are   a   Fresno   native   or   a tourist   visiting   Fresno   for   the   first time,   this   is   an   experience   not   to be missed.
If   you   can   afford   the   time,   you   will   certainly   enjoy one    of    our    custom    extended    tours.   You    tell    us what   you   want   to   see   and   our   pilot   will   make   this     an unforgetable experience.
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