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AMERICAN HELICOPTER WORLD Frequently Asked Questions... How old do I need to be to attend training? The Federal Aviation Regulations states that you must be at least 16 years of age to be a student pilot and be at least 17 years of age to be eligible for a Private Pilot Certificate. You must also be at least 18 years of age to be eligible for a Commercial Pilot Certificate. What training or education do I need before learning to fly helicopters? There is no requirement for any level of education. However, one should have a good grasp on basic mathematics and science. Math knowledge is used in flight planning and navigation and science skills is used in the study of aerodynamics and weather. If it takes nine months to complete the training full-time, what is the time that it will take me to finish if I go part-time? The length of time required will be dependant on how many times a week you are able to fly. The more you fly, the less time it will take. If you fly only once a week, you can plan on it taking close to two years to complete your training. Will I be able to do once I finish training? You will have everything that you need to be hired as a flight instructor, which is typically the first job that one gets in their aviation career. Where you go from there will depend on the number of flight hours that you have and what is required for a specific job. I wanted to fly for the military, but was told no because I take medications. What does the FAA say about this? The military is very strict on the physical conditions of pilots, while the FAA takes a more lenient stance. You should pass a Class II Flight Physical prior to starting training, especially if you have a medical condition that you take medication for. While the FAA has a long list of medications that you are allowed to take, the time required to get your medical approved can at times be lengthy. Passing the physical prior to starting your training can keep from having to delay your training after you start. You can get a list of approved physicians on the FAA website. I have a DUI on my record, will that keep me from attending training? Not usually, but depending on the recency of the event, it may delay the start of your training. The FAA is pretty strict on such infractions, but as long as alcohol or drug abuse is not a part of your current lifestyle, it should not keep you from realizing your dreams of being a pilot. Do I need to know how to fly airplanes before I learn to fly helicopters? No. In fact, for most low time pilots it is best if you do not have any fixed-wing time. This way there is no airplane habits that you need to unlearn when you learn to fly helicopters. However, don't let having some fixed-wing time keep you from learning to fly helicopters as a quality flight instructor can get you around this issue. Do I need a medical? Yes, only a class 3 FAA medical is needed which we will arrange for you with  a medical examiner. My vision is not 20/20, does that matter? No, as along as your vision is corrected to 20/20 then that's ok. So glasses and contact lenses are both accepted. When can I start my training? Here at American Helicopters we do not have "set dates" on which to start your training, unlike some other flight schools you start and schedule at your convenience. Which helicopter will I be flying? Most of our flying is conducted in the most popular flight-training helicopter in the world, the Robinson R-22. Will American Helicopter World hire me as an instructor when I finish training? While we can not offer all of our graduates a position as a flight instructor, we do give our degree graduates positions as instructors so they may continue their degree program. Does American Helicopter World offer financing for the training? We have financing available through  lending companies and are working to make additional sources available so that you can choose a loan that best suits your needs. What can I do to get answers to other questions? You can call us at 559-233-4411
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