Go   directly   to   your business   meetings without   losing   any time    in    traffic    jam or                   airport terminals. For   any   passenger   transport,   VIP air   shuttle,   air   taxi,   whether   it   be   in the    region    of    Fresno    or    abroad, We      will      bring      you      to      your destination     with     the     maximum level of comfort and security.
All   pilots   involved   in aerial      photography and       filming       are specifically   trained   in the     capabilities     of both      camera      and helicopter   operation, ensuring   your   job   is   done   correctly      the first time. Our   pilots   and   staff   will   help   you   find   the right   location   for   your   aerial   shoot.   We are    able    to    offer    advice    on    specific restrictions    and    attain    permission    that may     be     required     to     conduct     aerial operations at a particular location.
Once     on     board our   helicopter,   you will     discover     the most          beautiful p     l     a     c     e     s       unattainable        by land.        we    will    fly you   wherever   you   want   Your   pilot will   be   your   guide   and   assist   you in     discovering     all     these     great landmarks    and    will    be    happy    to answer your questions.
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Many other helicopter Services
What better way to start the biggest day of your life than arriving in  by helicopter! Once you've tied the knot why not have your helicopters fly you and your partner to your reception venue, or fly the following day to the airport for your honeymoon departure.
The        possibilities A   m   e   r   i   c   a   n     Helicopters        can offer are numerous. A     list     of     some application         are highway    traffic    surveillance,    public relations,    sales    promotions    for    the presentation     of     a     new     product, helicopter   flights   during   opening   days, a   first   price   award   for   a   competition, etc.
Robinson       R44 and R22 helicopters   are   a perfect   choice   to perform         frost protection    .    It's      the            perfect solution    to    provide    this    kind    of crop   saving   in   an   efficient   way.   We can   provide   service   even   in   short notice,            The   Robinson   R44   and R22   are   cost   efficient   and   will   get the  job done fast and safely.
We    are    currently a         part         133 c   e   r   t   i   f   i   c   a   t   e   d     school    and    able to   issue   letters   of compliance        for operations.
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A   m   e   r   i   c   a   n     helicopters   has   a   helicopter      flight training   program. You   will   learn   to fly     one     of     the most   versital   training   helicopters. You   can   start   as   a   novist   and   build your    way    up    to    a    professional career helicopter pilot.
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